Tying The Knot

It’s Wedding Gift Showtime!

Ah yes, another dazzling couple is tying the knot. Time to dig deep into your pockets and get these lovebirds something they’ll actually enjoy instead of re-gifting it next year.

What does the loved-up couple actually want?

  • Take a look at their list of gift demands. Did they really ask for a bread maker AND a juicer? Do they plan on having a fresh juice cleanse between loaves of banana bread?
  • Think about their combined interests and hobbies. Are they homebodies who will appreciate new cozy blankets to burrow under? Or adrenaline junkie adventurers who need new skydiving goggles?
  • How well do you even know these crazy kids? If it’s your BFF, maybe splash out on that Vitamix blender. If it’s your third cousin twice removed, maybe stick to the $10 waffle maker from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Gift ideas for the new couple

  • Kitchenware for the Reluctant Chefs: Pots, pans, and a fire extinguisher just in case. Nothing says true love like equally sharing dishwasher reloading duties.
  • Linen Vouchers for Separated Blanket Hogs: Prevent future duvet turf wars with two separate king-sized cozy cocoons.
  • Pretentious Artwork: Slap a hideous canvas on the wall to redesign their living room into an avant-garde installation piece.
  • Snorkel Gear: For when they inevitably get cold feet before the ceremony and need to make an aquatic getaway.

At the end of the aisle, pick something you think they might actually like. Just don’t go overboard – they’ll probably return it anyway once the newlywed bliss wears off. Kidding! Maybe…

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By the way….we don’t sell personalized snorkel gear 😉