International Kissing Day – 6 Unique Kissing Traditions Around the World

International Kissing Day – 6 Unique Kissing Traditions Around the World

Did you know that International Kissing Day is celebrated every year on the 6th of July? Well now you know! To celebrate International Kissing Day we are taking a fun trip around the globe! Kissing might be a universal gesture of love and affection, but different cultures have their own quirky and funny traditions. Buckle up for a laughter-filled journey as we explore the funniest and most unique kissing customs from around the world.

1. France: The Never-Ending Cheek Kisses

In France, greeting someone often involves a series of cheek kisses known as “la bise.” Depending on the region, this can be two, three, or even four kisses! Imagine meeting a group of people at a party and spending the first ten minutes just kissing cheeks. It’s a funny (and slightly exhausting) way to make sure everyone feels welcomed.

2. New Zealand: The Eskimo Kiss

Also known as the “hongi,” this traditional Māori greeting involves pressing noses and foreheads together. It’s a beautiful gesture of sharing breath, but let’s be honest—it’s also a little funny to watch two people go in for what looks like a headbutt and come out smiling warmly.

3. Italy: The Passionate Public Kiss

Italians are known for their passionate displays of affection, and kissing in public is no exception. From quick pecks to full-on make-out sessions, it’s not uncommon to see couples locking lips in the streets of Rome. It might be normal for them, but for tourists, it can be a bit surprising (and amusing) to witness such open displays of love.

4. Tibet: The Tongue Out Kiss

Here’s a tradition that will definitely make you giggle: in some parts of Tibet, sticking out your tongue is a way of greeting. It dates back to an old superstition, but these days, it’s more of a friendly gesture. Imagine a group of friends greeting each other by sticking out their tongues—it’s like a playful, perpetual “Gotcha!” moment.

5. India: The Bollywood Kiss

In India, public displays of affection are often frowned upon, but Bollywood movies are famous for their dramatic and exaggerated kissing scenes. These over-the-top moments usually involve swirling camera angles, flowing scarves, and a lot of cheesy music. It’s all part of the charm and humour of Indian cinema.

6. Australia: The Air Kiss

In Australia, giving air kisses is a common way to greet someone. This involves making a kissing sound near someone’s cheek without actually touching them. It’s a funny and slightly awkward dance of leaning in and making the kissing noise. It’s definitely not one of the most loving ways of showing affection, but it’s great for those of us with an ‘allergy’’ to affectionate gestures!

Which Kissing Tradition Would You Take Part In?

From cheeky pecks to tongue-out greetings, the world of kissing is wonderfully diverse and often quite funny. These traditions highlight the unique ways cultures express affection and make International Kissing Day a truly global celebration. So, wherever you are, why not experiment with one of these hilarious kissing customs today? Pucker up, embrace the awkward fun, and share the giggles and love with everyone in your path (I don’t mean literally of course)!