85th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on your 85th moonstone and wine wedding anniversary! Use my guide for some helpful gifts and celebration ideas for this big day.

Author: Justin AldridgePage Updated: 29 May 2024

Discover The 85th Year Wedding Anniversary

Let’s honor the remarkable love and commitment of a couple celebrating their 85th wedding anniversary. For those with family reaching this milestone, consider gifting a moonstone, a timeless symbol, along with wine to mark the occasion. Cheers to enduring love!

Traditional Gift

For an 85th anniversary, moonstone makes the perfect traditional gift. It symbolizes the beauty and endurance of a relationship that’s lasted for 85 years, highlighting the deep connection and memorable path the couple has shared.

Traditional Gemstone

Traditional 85th gemstone is the moonstone

On the special 85th anniversary, think about giving a meaningful gemstone, moonstone. Its unique glow and charm reflect a love that’s lasted through decades. Moonstone celebrates the deep connection and shared experiences of a lifetime, making it an ideal symbol for this significant milestone.

Traditional Flower

Mixed flowers bouquet for any anniversary

Celebrate 85 years together with a beautiful bouquet, a mix of flowers that represent all the moments you’ve shared. Each bloom is like a memory of the seasons you’ve been through, holding hands and staying strong together.

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Modern Gift

The modern gift is a moonstone or birthstone for the 85th anniversary. They represent the strong bond and timeless elegance you’ve shared in your journey together. Each gem holds memories of the many moments you’ve cherished over the past 85 years.

How Long You´ve Been Married

85 years / 1000 months / 4,435 weeks / 31,047 days / 745,128 hours / 44,707,680 minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Neptune, you would have been married for 0.52 years and if you lived on Mercury 352.97 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for the Couple

Choosing a gift for the couple at this significant milestone means picking something that truly reflects their long-lasting relationship and treasured memories. Here are some thoughtful and unique gift suggestions for this special celebration:

  • Handwritten notes collection – share memories from 85 family members and friends
  • Rose bouquet delivery – surprise them with 85 roses or their favorite flowers
  • Nostalgic gift basket – reminisce with retro candies and classic movies from their early years
  • Personalized furniture piece – commemorate the milestone with their initials and anniversary date
  • Private chef experience – enjoy a gourmet meal prepared at home
  • Vintage-inspired photo book – which highlights 85 years of shared moments and milestones

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Fun Fact

Romans used moonstones in jewelry for two thousand years and associated it with Diana, the Moon Goddess.

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate the 85th wedding anniversary

So, when it comes to celebrating the 85th wedding anniversary, there are a couple of traditions. Moonstone is a classic gift, and in the UK, wine is also a symbolic choice. Maybe it’s because, after 85 years together, the couple deserves to relax a bit. Not too much, though, since older people usually aren’t big drinkers. Still, it’s a good reason to get them a nice bottle or two to share with family and friends.

As for why wine became a thing, nobody really knows anymore. The original reason got lost somewhere along the way. Classic wedding anniversary gift lists do not list any specific flower, gemstone, or other symbolic material for the 85th anniversary.

When planning a celebration, it’s important to keep the couple’s needs in mind. Most elderly couples don’t want anything too wild, so it’s best to talk to them first. Make sure whatever you do suits their preferences and comfort.

Here’s an idea: you could surprise them by inviting local big-shots and maybe even some journalists. It’s not every day you see a couple hitting 85 years together, and people love a good, happy story, especially during tough times.

Tea and wine party for this years celebration

If the couple lives in the UK or a Commonwealth country, they can expect a congratulatory letter from the King, marking this significant milestone with royal recognition.

Fun Fact

Since your marriage, the two of you have:

Taken a combined 1,251,815,040 breaths (approximately)
Had about 6,437,905,920 heartbeats

Common Questions about the 85th Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 85th wedding anniversary called?

A: The 85th wedding anniversary is called the moonstone anniversary.

Q: What is the 85th wedding anniversary gemstone called?

A: The 85th wedding anniversary gemstone is moonstone.

Q: What is the 85th wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The symbol for a 85th wedding anniversary is moonstone.

Q: What is the 85th wedding anniversary color?

A: The 85th wedding anniversary does not have a color.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 85th wedding anniversary?

A: The traditional and modern gift for a 85th wedding anniversary is moonstone.

Q: What is the 85th year anniversary flower?

A: The 85th wedding anniversary does not a specific flower.

Did You Know?

Moonstone is frequently linked with femininity and is recognized across various cultures as a symbol representing love and fertility.

Moonstone holds the prestigious title of being the official state gem of Florida.

Moonstone possesses a unique optical phenomenon called adularescence, resembling a tranquil moon resting beneath the surface of a serene ocean.

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKWine
Traditional Gift – USMoonstone
Traditional Gift – AustraliaWine
Traditional Gift – CanadaMoonstone
Traditional Gift – SpainMarble
Traditional Gift – GermanyAngel Theme
Traditional Gift – FranceMorganite
Traditional Gift – ItalyMarble
Flower GiftNo Traditional Flower
Gemstone GiftMoonstone
Modern GiftBirthstones

Lighthearted Wishes

As friends and family, it’s time to celebrate this amazing milestone with wishes that capture the fun, love, and laughter shared by this incredible couple. Below are some unique and cheerful messages to brighten their day and bring smiles all around:

May your 85th anniversary be as timeless and beautiful as the love story you’ve written together.

May your love for one another continue to grow stronger than your outdated slang and ‘hip’ dance moves.

Congratulations on achieving what some call ‘forgetting’ and others call ‘selectively remembering’ for 85 blissful years.

Wishing you endless more opportunities to prove that love has no age limit, and neither do terrible puns and dad jokes.

Wishing you both a day filled with love, laughter, and lots of champagne bubbles as you celebrate 85 incredible years together!

Wishing you both a day filled with love, laughter, and lots of champagne bubbles as you celebrate 85 incredible years together!

As you celebrate 85 years together, may every moment draw you closer. May your smiles light up your days, and every look deepen the connection between you two.

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