60th Wedding Anniversary

You both shine bright like a diamond! Find the perfect 60th wedding anniversary gift here to celebrate your epic love story.

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Discover The 60th Year Wedding Anniversary

Sixty years ago, a promise was made, and every day since, it’s been kept. That’s the stuff of legends, right there. No wonder people honor the 60th wedding anniversary with a diamond—a gemstone of unwavering loyalty and eternal love. While I can’t bring stars down for you two, I’ve got some equally bright gifts and celebration ideas waiting to light up your special day.

Traditional Gift

The traditional gift for a 60th wedding anniversary is a diamond. Diamonds are incredibly strong and last forever, just like your marriage that’s lasted 60 years. These gems are formed deep within the Earth, under extreme conditions, which is a lot like how a long-lasting marriage goes through tough times but comes out stronger.

Diamonds are known for their beauty and sparkle, symbolizing the enduring and vibrant love between two people who have been together for decades. They represent the journey of a couple who has faced life’s ups and downs but continues to shine brightly, celebrating the victories and overcoming challenges side by side.

Traditional Gemstone

Traditional gemstone for the 60th wedding anniversary is a diamond

The ruby is a perfect gem for celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary. Its bright shine represents the love and passion in your relationship that has lasted four decades. The deep red color of the ruby shows the warmth and passion of your lasting love. It tells the story of your strength, energy, and strong bond as you’ve walked through life side by side.

Traditional Flower

White roses or white blooms would very appropriate for this years floral gift

For your 60th wedding anniversary, white roses or other white flowers are a beautiful choice. They don’t have an official spot as the anniversary flower, but their clean, bright look fits perfectly. White flowers stand for pure love, respect, and the strong commitment you’ve shared for sixty years. Give a bouquet with delicate white petals, each representing your shared memories and joys.

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Modern Gift

Nothing captures the essence of a love that has stood the test of time like the diamond. Like your love, they’re formed under pressure, emerging strong and beautiful.

A diamond reflects the passion and commitment you’ve shared for six decades. Its clarity and purity represent the strong foundation of your union. Whether it’s a single diamond or a multi-stone design, a diamond gift is a timeless tribute to your extraordinary love story. It shines as brightly as when you first fell in love and will continue to sparkle forever.

How Long You´ve Been Married

60 years / 720 months / 3,130 weeks / 21,915 days / 525,960 hours / 31,557,600 minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Neptune, you would have been married for 0.36 years and if you lived on Mercury 249.15 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for your Husband

60 years together, and your husband still gives you butterflies! Let’s track down a gift that will make him feel just as giddy.

  • Camping chair with cup holder – relax with a drink outdoors
  • History book on this day – explore history together
  • Whiskey decanter set – upgrade his bar setup
  • Wine and cheese hamper – enjoy a classy snack
  • Monogrammed silver hip flask – keep his favorite drink handy
  • Cozy fleece-lined slippers – stay warm and comfy at home
  • Fun t-shirt or hat – use this print: “Still Rockin & Rollin After 60 Years Together”

Try this special wish:

My dearest love,

For 60 brilliant years, you have been the sparkling diamond of my life. Your love has been a precious gem – rare, resilient, and forever radiant. Just as diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat, our bond has emerged even stronger and more beautiful after weathering all of life’s challenges together. You are my eternal flame, my brilliance, my everything. Here’s to polishing our love story for many more dazzling years to come. I love you brilliantly.

Your eternally adoring wife XXX

Gift Ideas for your Wife

From timeless classics to contemporary delights, these gifts are sure to make her milestone celebration a standout memory.

  • Diamond heart-shaped locket – treasure your love close to her heart
  • Enchanted diamond rose – put a lasting bloom in a display case
  • Pressed Gladiolus or Nasturtium pendant – hold a piece of your love story
  • Where it all began map art – celebrate where your journey started
  • Luxury spa day – relax and rejuvenate in luxury
  • Personalized photo album – relive 60 years of cherished moments
  • Fun t-shirt with a playful print– use this: “Just Married 60 Years Ago!”

Try this special wish:

My darling,

For sixty years, your love has illuminated my world with the fiery radiance of the most exquisite diamond. Our marriage has been forged in the white-hot passion of our youth and tempered by the pressures of life into an unbreakable bond. You are my precious gemstone – brilliant, timeless, and dazzling in your beauty from every angle. As we celebrate this diamond anniversary today, I am in awe of the immeasurable facets of our love, each sparkling memory a testament to the rarity of what we share. Here’s to many more years together, my eternal diamond.

Your loving husband forever XXX

Gift Ideas for the Couple

With these meaningful gifts, you can show your friends or family how much their love and commitment mean to you on this special occasion.

  • 60th diamond anniversary plate – collect signatures and messages
  • Diamond anniversary celebration clock – to track future milestones
  • 60th anniversary family tree picture frame – add new family members
  • Personalized “Welcome” plaque – with the family name and their anniversary date
  • Meal at their favorite restaurant – reserve a private dining experience
  • Family photo collage jigsaw puzzle – assemble moments from past to present

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Fun Fact

Since you’ve been married:
Combined, the two of you have spent about 44.00 years sleeping
 You two have had about 219,150 dreams
The two of you have spent around 72.2 months eating and drinking
The two of you have eaten about 120 tons of food
Between the two of you, you two have laughed around 438,300 times

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate your 60th diamond wedding anniversary

At home idea:

Celebrate your 60th Diamond Anniversary with an intimate gathering surrounded by family and close friends. You, the honored couple, can relax without worrying about the details. Let your family and friends take over, and watch as they turn your home into a beautiful space that reflects the importance of sixty years together. They’ll handle everything from arranging delicious catering to booking a band that keeps everyone entertained.

As the celebration unfolds, relax and soak in the joyous atmosphere. You’ll share laughs, make toasts, and reminisce about the past decades with the people who’ve been part of your journey.

On a budget idea:

Make your 60th Diamond Anniversary special without breaking the bank. You could host a virtual party, enjoy an outdoor picnic, decorate for a dinner at home, or have a craft night making keepsakes. These simple yet meaningful activities highlight six decades of love and laughter. The best celebrations don’t need a big budget, just the company of loved ones and shared memories.

An adventurous idea:

Enjoy a gourmet meal together

For your 60th diamond anniversary, plan an adventure that reflects your unique love story. Start the celebration with a dinner at the restaurant where you first met, basking in the glow of candlelight and nostalgia. Follow it up with an exciting show or concert, choosing the best seats to make the experience unforgettable. 

Or, opt for a relaxing getaway at a boutique hotel with a couples’ spa retreat. Unwind in a peaceful setting, enjoy stunning views, and dine under the stars. This option offers relaxation and quality time together.

A luxury idea:

For your 60th anniversary, a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean or Caribbean is perfect. You’ll sail through beautiful waters with great service and amenities. It’s a special way to celebrate your long journey together. Enjoy fancy dinners, relax with spa treatments, and watch the sunset from your balcony. As the stars come out, you both can move to the music and dance under the stars.

Fun Fact

80% of diamonds are used for industrial purposes, which makes them even more rare for jewelry.

Common Questions about the 60th Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 60th wedding anniversary called?

A: The 60th wedding anniversary is called the diamond anniversary.

Q: What is the 60th wedding anniversary gemstone called?

A: The 60th wedding anniversary gemstone is called the diamond.

Q: What is the 60th wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The 60th wedding anniversary symbol is the diamond.

Q: What is the 60th wedding anniversary color?

A: The 60th wedding anniversary color is diamond white.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 60th wedding anniversary?

A: The traditional and modern gift for a 60th wedding anniversary is a diamond.

Q: What is the 60th year anniversary flower?

A: The 60th wedding anniversary does not have a specific flower but white roses or white blooms would be a perfect floral gift.

Did You Know?

In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria introduced the tradition of using diamonds in engagement rings by presenting Mary of Burgundy with a gold ring featuring diamonds spelling out an “M.”

Unearthed in Cullinan, South Africa, in 1905, the Cullinan stands as a monumental discovery in the world of gemstones. Weighing an astonishing 3,106.75 carats, this magnificent rough diamond remains unrivaled in size and quality.

The Cullinan Diamond, renowned for its unparalleled beauty and rarity, commands a staggering estimated value of up to $2 billion.

The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning invincible or indestructible.

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKDiamond
Traditional Gift – USDiamond
Traditional Gift – AustraliaDiamond
Traditional Gift – CanadaDiamond
Traditional Gift – SpainDiamond
Traditional Gift – GermanyDiamond
Traditional Gift – FranceDiamond
Traditional Gift – ItalyDiamond
Flower GiftWhite Rose
Gemstone GiftDiamond
Modern GiftDiamond

Lighthearted Wishes

Celebrate sixty years of love, laughter, and companionship with the couple as they mark their Diamond Anniversary, a remarkable milestone deserving of joyous recognition.

May your love continue to shine as brightly as a diamond, illuminating the path to many more years of happiness together.

After six decades together, you two are true gems! Here’s to many more years of polishing your brilliant partnership.

Six decades down, forever to go! May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.

After 60 years, your love is still a gem among gems! Here’s to a lifetime of carat-ing for each other.

60 years of marriage? That’s one heavyweight championship bout of love! Knock out another 60 with your unbreakable bond.

Diamonds are forever, and so is your love! Cheers to 60 years of pure romance and endless laughter.

May their love continue to shine as brightly as ever. Here’s to celebrating their incredible journey and the countless lives they have touched with their enduring love story.

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