43rd Wedding Anniversary

From lovebirds to life partners, crossing the 43-year mark is nothing short of legendary. Check out my guide for your 43rd wedding anniversary gifts and celebration ideas.

Author: Justin AldridgePage Updated: 20 March 2024

Discover The 43rd Year Wedding Anniversary

43 years down, and you’re still nailing this marriage thing – cheers to that! You’ve laughed, cried, and made memories that could fill a book. Let’s toast to your epic journey and the adventures still to come. Here’s to love that gets better with every passing year! I’ve gathered some gift inspiration that’s as distinctive as your love story.

Traditional Gift

Celebrating 43 years of marriage is impressive, and while there’s no set traditional gift for this anniversary, the modern idea is to go on a trip. After 40-plus years, you’ve probably seen all there is to see locally. This year, why not travel somewhere new to create fresh memories? It could be a beach vacation or a journey to ancient sites. You should choose a place that reflects the strength and beauty of your relationship. 

For a physical gift, an opal is a great choice. This gem stands for hope and loyalty, with its colorful sparkles reflecting the happy times you’ve shared. So, step away from everyday life and honor your lasting bond by seeking new adventures together. The journey ahead is yours to explore!

Traditional Gemstone

Traditional gemstone for the 43rd is the opal

The opal is like a universe captured in a stone, telling stories of far-off places and old legends with its shades. Its shining colors change and move, showing off the beauty of a love that’s lasted through time. When you look into an opal, you see a world of colors mixing together, just like how love changes and grows over 43 years. It’s a symbol of love’s magic and the endless wonder of a relationship that’s stood the test of time.

Traditional Flower

A bouquet of her or their favorite flowers would be a perfect 43rd year anniversary floral gift

The 43rd anniversary bouquet brings together your most loved flowers, each a part of your ongoing love story. It’s a colorful collection that includes the elegance of calla lilies and the brightness of daisies, all representing the memories and dreams you’ve lived together. This bouquet, with its mix of scents and colors, takes you back to the moments of laughter, tears, and joy you’ve shared. It’s a celebration of your journey together, told through the beauty of flowers.

Modern Gift

For the 43rd anniversary, travel is the modern gift that opens up a world of endless adventures and new experiences together. Think about setting off on an exciting journey together, exploring vibrant city streets, climbing towering mountains, or unwinding on sunny beaches. Every place you visit adds something special to your story. Whether it’s walking through old streets, trying different foods under the stars, or enjoying quiet moments, each experience will bring you closer.

How Long You´ve Been Married

43 years / 516 months / 2,243 weeks / 15,705 days / 376,920 hours / 22,615,200 minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Neptune, you would have been married for 0.26 years and if you lived on Mercury 178.56 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for your Husband

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to surprise your husband on your 43rd anniversary.

  • Noise-canceling headphones – for a tranquil flight experience
  • Toiletry bag – to keep his essentials organized
  • Leather travel bag – ideal for weekend getaways
  • Leather-bound hip flask – for a sip of his favorite spirit on the go
  • Concert tickets – to share a memorable musical evening
  • Charity donation – support a cause close to his heart
  • Fun bobblehead – use a silly photo of your husband

Try this special wish:

On our 43rd anniversary, I’m overflowing with gratitude for the love, laughter, and adventures we’ve shared. Here’s to us, my rock, my confidant, and my forever love. Happy anniversary, and here’s to many more years of happiness together.

With all my love, XXX

Gift Ideas for your Wife

Thinking of getting your wife another predictable gift? Scratch that. I’ve got some cool gift suggestions that’ll make her wonder how you got so innovative.

  • Opal and gold necklace – enhance her natural glow
  • Romantic message compact mirror – as a daily reminder of your affection
  • 3-In-1 mini fan – a cool escape on hot days
  • Pocketalk language translator – for easy travel conversations
  • Versatile travel backpack – for seamless transitions from work to wanderlust
  • A large bouquet of flowers – show deep affection with vibrant colors
  • Fun photo blanket – wrap her in memories and warmth

Try this special wish:

My cherished wife,

On our 43rd anniversary, I’m reminded of the countless joys you’ve brought into my life. You’re my partner, my light, and my endless support. Happy anniversary to the love of my life. Here’s to many more years of happiness together.

With all my love, XXX

Gift Ideas for the Couple

Forget the usual picks. I’m here to drop some genius ideas that’ll do more than just make them smile.

  • Scrapbook of anniversary wishes – with heartfelt messages from family and friends
  • Scratch-off world map – track their travel bucket list
  • Travel cool bag – keep their snacks and drinks at the perfect temperature
  • Gourmet chocolates – satisfy their cravings for something sweet
  • Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses – for cozy evenings or entertaining guests
  • Meal at their favorite restaurant – treat them to a meal they always enjoy

Fun Fact

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate a 43rd wedding anniversary

At home idea:

Turn your evening into a culinary adventure with a cheese and wine tasting at home. Carefully pick a variety of cheese and wine pairs that bring out the best in each other, mixing flavors that complement and contrast. Next, explore the history and unique traits of each pairing to make the experience richer. 

To make it more fun, try a blind-tasting challenge. Here, you’ll rely on your senses to appreciate each delightful pairing, free from any preconceived ideas. You can engage in spirited conversations as you share your impressions, discovering new subtleties with every taste and sip. 

This refined yet accessible experience goes beyond pleasing the taste buds. It’s about building connections, creating memorable moments, and broadening your culinary knowledge together.

On a budget idea:

For a budget-friendly idea, consider a captivating journey through the stars right from your own home. You can start by getting a stargazing app that projects beautiful constellations on your ceiling, turning your living room into a mini planetarium. Spend some time exploring the night sky, focusing on constellations that tie back to your birthdates, anniversaries, or significant life events. 

To enhance the experience, step outside – be it your backyard or a local park – and try to spot these star formations in the real night sky. The gentle twinkle of the stars and the joy of discovery can fuel engaging conversations and create lasting memories. This makes for a personalized stargazing adventure that’s truly stellar.

An adventurous idea:

Couple enjoying a treehouse anniversary break

Go glamping for an adventure that’s the best of both worlds: nature’s beauty with a touch of luxury. Pick a spot like a yurt, tent, or treehouse where you get the rustic feel without giving up comfort. Nestled in stunning nature, you can kick back in your cozy spot. Spend your days hiking and exploring, letting the peace of the great outdoors bring you closer. When evening comes, gather by fire for stories, laughs, and marshmallows, enjoying the warmth together. Under the star-filled sky, find a quiet spot to just be together, sharing in the calm and connection.

A luxury idea:

Celebrate your 43rd anniversary with a fancy getaway surrounded by nature’s beauty. Choose a place that screams luxury, from private villas with breathtaking views to boutique hotels packed with top-notch amenities. This is your chance to make unforgettable memories, whether by returning to favorite spots or reliving special moments. Enjoy fine dining, cozy up for fireside chats, and look up at the night sky together.

Fun Fact

India’s trains transport roughly 23 million passengers each day. No room inside!

Common Questions about the 43rd Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 43rd wedding anniversary called?

A: The 43rd wedding anniversary is does not have a name associated with it.

Q: What is the 43rd wedding anniversary gemstone called?

A: The 43rd wedding anniversary gemstone is called the opal.

Q: What is the 43rd wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The 43rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a traditional symbol. Instead, it’s often associated with the opal gemstone or a travel experience.

Q: What is the 43rd wedding anniversary color?

A: The 43rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a particular color.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 43rd wedding anniversary?

A: While there’s no traditional gift for the 43rd wedding anniversary, modern options often involve travel. You can book a special trip together or invite family to join you.

Q: What is the 43rd year anniversary flower?

A: For the 43rd wedding anniversary, there’s no specific flower. You can create a bouquet of your favorite flowers together.

Did You Know?

43” is a song by the jazz-funk band Level 42 it´s also a song by the metal band Mushroomhead.

43 muscles are needed to frown and to smile only 13!

Pilots and co-pilots do not eat the same meal before a flight.

The Boeing 747 can hold enough fuel to power a car around the planet 4 times.

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKUKNo traditional gift
Traditional Gift – USUSANo traditional gift
Traditional Gift – AustraliaAustraliaNo traditional gift
Traditional Gift – CanadaCanadaNo traditional gift
Traditional Gift – SpainSpainOpal
Traditional Gift – GermanyGermanyLead
Traditional Gift – FranceFranceFlannel
Traditional Gift – ItalyItalyOpal
Flower GiftAnniversary Flower GiftsFavourite Flowers
Gemstone GiftGemstone anniversary giftsOpal
Modern GiftModern Anniversary GiftsTravel

Lighthearted Wishes

Happy 43rd anniversary! May your love continue to be as strong and enduring as a well-aged wine, bringing joy and laughter into each other’s lives. Here are some whimsical wishes to make your day special:

Wishing you a spectacular 43rd anniversary filled with love, laughter and infinite adventure! May your journey ahead overflow with beautiful destinations and happy memories.

Wishing you a lifetime supply of cuddles, kisses, and silly dances in the kitchen.

May your love be as unbreakable as the bond between cheese and wine—a perfect pairing!

Here’s to a love that’s been through thick and thin, just like a well-worn collection of favorite books.

Here’s to more “remember when” stories that make you laugh until you snort.

Congrats on 43 magnificent years! You fill each other’s lives with so much happiness. Here’s to more anniversaries ahead!

As you celebrate this incredible anniversary, know that your love story continues to inspire us all. Cheers to many more years of joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments together!

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