33rd Wedding Anniversary

From lovebirds to life partners – 33 years is huge! Check out my guide for your 33rd wedding anniversary gifts and celebration ideas.

Author: Justin AldridgePage Updated: 28 May 2024

Discover The 33rd Year Wedding Anniversary

Three decades and a three-year cherry on top! Have you ever stopped to think about the monumental power of commitment? Not just any commitment but that deep-in-the-core-of-your-soul kind of promise. The one that makes you look at your partner three decades deep and think, ‘I’m glad it’s you.’ That’s the kind of magic you both are celebrating today on your 33rd wedding anniversary. So, let’s explore some special ways to cherish this anniversary.

Traditional Gift

The 33rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a specific traditional gift, but it does have a modern symbol: amethyst. The amethyst symbol inspires peace and healing in relationships. Think back on your years together, from being newlyweds to where you are now. You’ve shared so much life, with plenty of funny memories and precious moments that you hold dear.

This anniversary is about recognizing the deeper meaning of your journey together – the unique spiritual bond and unconditional love you share. After three decades, your connection has grown even stronger. Take the time to express to your partner how much they mean to you, showing gratitude for their constant support over the years.


Handmade framed design of a couple in love, all made with pebbles and genuine sea glass. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This can be pesonalized with your own message and makes for a lovely and unique anniversary or wedding gift to give to a loved one.

Traditional Gemstone

33rd year anniversary gemstone is the Amethyst

For the 33rd anniversary, the gemstone is amethyst. It’s chosen for its lasting qualities, reflecting the deep, enduring love celebrated at this stage of marriage. This purple-hued beauty represents the strength and grace of a relationship that has matured over time. Amethyst also embodies tranquility and wisdom, symbolizing how love, just like this beautiful stone, becomes more captivating as the years pass.

Traditional Flower

Strawberry in a tin or a bouquet of mixed red flowers would be suitable for this years anniversary flower gift

There’s no specific traditional flower for the 33rd wedding anniversary, so a mixed bouquet of red flowers is a great choice. Red flowers represent love, passion, and energy in a long-lasting relationship. Your 33-year journey together can be compared to a flourishing garden full of life due to your care and commitment. A mix of red roses, tulips, gerbera daisies, and carnations captures the variety and vibrancy you’ve brought to your marriage. Each flower is different, yet they all come together to form something beautiful.

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Modern Gift

The modern gift for the 33rd anniversary is spirituality, which can be tough to package! But let’s think out of the box and explore some spiritual gifts.

This anniversary celebrates your enduring relationship. So, custom meditation cushions for both of you could symbolize this. They’re great for finding peace and remembering the calm you share, especially when life gets busy.

A crystal healing kit might also be a good idea. Scatter these crystals around your house and let them bring the same clarity, balance, and joy that your relationship has brought over the years.

If you’re into yoga, couple’s stretch bands could be fun. They’re perfect for practicing together and staying flexible, just like you’ve been in your 33 years together. Here’s to celebrating three decades and three years of mutual understanding and resilience!

How Long You´ve Been Married

33 years / 396 months / 1,722 weeks / 12,053 days / 289,272 hours / 17,356,320 minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Neptune, you would have been married for 0.2 years and if you lived on Mercury 137.03 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for your Husband

The ‘gift god’ in you is ready to shine on your spiritual anniversary! But what do you get for the guy who deserves the galaxy? I’ve got you covered with some sentimental and straight-out-of-his-dream list.

  • Wooden games box – enjoy chess, backgammon, and card games
  • A silver ring with amethyst – boosts his spiritual awareness
  • His favorite team’s merchandise – show support for his sports passion
  • Bonsai tree kit – nurture a bonsai as a symbol of your growing love
  • Concert tickets – for an unforgettable musical night together
  • Animal adoption donation – support a cause he cares about
  • Fun face printed cushion – use a silly photo of your hubby
Cup cakes anniversary sea glasss frame


A wonderful framed unique design of a pair of cup cakes with a message that you can personalize, all made with genuine sea glass. The sea glass and is collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This makes for a lovely and unique anniversary or special occasion gift to give to your loved one.

Try this special wish:

My dearest love,

Can you believe it’s been 33 years since we said “I do”? Time flies when you’re building a beautiful life together!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still head-over-heels for you. Even after all these years, you still give me butterflies and make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Thank you for growing with me, making me laugh when I need it most, and being my rock through life’s ups and downs. I treasure the bond we share deeply. Love always. XXX

Gift Ideas for your Wife

We have an unsolved mystery on our hands. It’s called “What Present Pleases the Wife?” Surprise your leading lady with these gifts that speak a love language she’ll adore.

  • Amethyst and gold necklace – to highlight her radiance
  • Romantic message compact mirror – reflect your love with every use
  • Personalized music and jewelry box – for storing memories and trinkets
  • Purple purse or bag – for her standout style moments
  • Amethyst-colored crystal flowers – to symbolize your everlasting affection
  • A large bouquet of flowers – convey love and passion with red blooms
  • Fun photo blanket – wrap her in warm memories
sea glass love birds


A wonderful handmade artwork displaying two birds in love and a heart shaped balloon, all handmade with sea glass and pebbles. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artists from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain. Personalized for you.

The perfect frame for an Anniversary or wedding gift.

Try this special wish:

My darling wife,

33 years and counting! I’m still falling for you every single day. Thank you for the laughter, the memories, and for being my loving partner through it all. I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible woman to share this journey with. Happy anniversary!

Yours forever, XXX

Gift Ideas for the Couple

Steal their thunder with a gift that screams, ‘We admire your bond.’ Here are some options.

  • Scrapbook of anniversary wishes – with heartfelt messages from family and friends
  • Personalized purple flower pot – add a fun message or their names
  • Newspaper anniversary book – relive moments from their wedding to now
  • Gourmet chocolates – to indulge their sweet tooth
  • Couples yoga classes – for their spiritual connection
  • Meal at their favorite restaurant – a delightful culinary experience they love

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Fun Fact

Since you’ve been married, you two have had about 120,540 dreams, hopefully pleasant ones!

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate your 33rd wedding anniversary

At home idea:

For this anniversary, consider taking a fun trip down memory lane right in your living room. Transform each corner of your living room to represent different eras, from neon lights to grunge posters. Make it more fun by having friends and family dress up in fashions from each decade. You can go for shoulder pads, flannel shirts, and a bit of disco glitter for that extra fun.

Music is the soul of any party. So, curate a playlist of hit songs from the ’80s, ’90s, and onwards. The menu should be a throwback, too. From ’70s style fondue to ’90s sushi rolls, relish the tastes that marked each decade.

Set up an interactive photo booth filled with props from different decades, like neon wigs and oversized sunglasses, for everyone to capture the fun. This “Decade Delight” celebration lets you embrace the whimsical journey of your relationship. Dance through the years, relish the moments, and toast to 33 years of love that just keeps getting better.

On a budget idea:

Head to local thrift stores with a fun mission: find clothes that mimic what you wore when you first met or on your wedding day. Look for those unique items, like a retro denim jacket or a floral dress, that bring back memories of your younger selves.

At home, have a blast trying on these outfits. See how you both looked back then and how you’ve grown together. It’s sure to bring out lots of laughter as you remember old fashion trends.

Then, it’s photo time. Recreate old pictures, strike fun poses, and capture these new memories. Put the new photos next to the old ones for a playful comparison. It’s a great way to see what’s changed over the years and what’s stayed the same, all while sharing laughs over your thrift store finds.

An adventurous idea:

Having a fun time in mud on an obstacle course

Add some excitement to your anniversary with an adventurous obstacle course race or a zombie run. It’s more than just a physical challenge. You both can take on a fun adventure together. As you put on your running shoes and gear up in matching outfits, the thrill will start to kick in. 

The course ahead promises a series of challenges that test not just your fitness but also your teamwork. Climbing walls, crossing muddy pits, and navigating rope courses are all part of the experience. These obstacles reflect on the challenges you’ve faced and overcome in 33 years of marriage.

What makes this adventure special is the spirit of teamwork. As you assist each other over walls, strategize through muddy tracks, and encourage each other, it becomes clear how much you’ve grown together.

A luxury idea:

Celebrate your 33rd anniversary with a day at a luxury spa. You’ll get massages that ease away tension, facials for that perfect glow, and VIP treatments that make you both feel special.

But there’s a surprise element. You’ll also participate in a private meditation session. With a professional’s guidance, you’ll find peace amidst the opulence of the spa. The goal is to pamper your soul and not just your body. 

After your relaxation time, enjoy a gourmet meal. Your taste buds deserve the same level of luxury as the rest of you. Each dish is a lavish celebration of your love and the journey you’ve shared.

Fun Fact

Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone with spiritual and physical healing properties.

Common Questions about the 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary called?

A: The 33rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a specific name. However, it’s traditionally associated with the gift of amethyst. You can also consider a spiritual theme for this special occasion.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary gemstone called?

A: The 33rd wedding anniversary gemstone is called amethyst.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The 33rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a specific traditional symbol. Wisdom, philosophy, and reflection are often linked with this year.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary color?

A: The 33rd wedding anniversary doesn’t have a particular color. However, amethyst-inspired shades, like light to dark purple, would be suitable for gifts.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 33rd wedding anniversary?

A: For the 33rd wedding anniversary, there isn’t a specific modern gift. Instead, this anniversary focuses more on a theme as it celebrates the spiritual connection that comes from being together.

Q: What is the 33rd year anniversary flower?

A: The traditional flower for the 33rd wedding anniversary is a strawberry plant in a tin can. If you’re looking for a more conventional choice, any red bloom would make a great substitute.

Did You Know?

Researchers from the University of York discovered that 33 milliseconds is enough to form an accurate first impression! Really?

A French postman named Joseph Ferdinand Cheval collected pebbles for 33 years to create Le Palais Idéal (The Ideal Palace) — it’s now a tourist spot in southeastern France.

Seven couples in Thailand broke a Guinness World Record for the longest kiss in 2011 on Valentine’s Day by making out for 33 hours straight!

In 33yrs the two of you have spent around 38.6 months eating and drinking.

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKUKNo Traditional Gift
Traditional Gift – USUSANo Traditional Gift
Traditional Gift – AustraliaAustraliaNo Traditional Gift
Traditional Gift – CanadaCanadaNo Traditional Gift
Traditional Gift – SpainSpainTin
Traditional Gift – GermanyGermanyTin
Traditional Gift – FranceFrancePorphyry
Traditional Gift – ItalyItalyTin
Flower GiftAnniversary Flower GiftsStrawberry Plant in Tin Can
Gemstone GiftGemstone anniversary giftsAmethyst
Modern GiftModern Anniversary GiftsSpiritual Theme

Lighthearted Wishes

Wow, 33 years of marriage and still going strong! That kind of lasting love and commitment is so rare and amazing. As they mark over three decades of partnership, here are some unique wishes to send their way.

Congrats on leveling up to 33 – now go out and beat some relationship high scores!

So wonderful to see two souls still dancing like they just met yesterday. Keep twirling!

Let’s hope you two always remember the password to each other’s hearts. Happy 33rd!

Here’s to a love that’s been through thick and thin, just like a well-worn collection of favorite books.

May the next 33 years be just as bright, rewarding, and full of joy. Cheers!

We tip our hats to the couple who has turned the ordinary into extraordinary for 33 amazing years. Your love story is a source of inspiration, laughter, and heartwarming moments. Here’s to many more chapters of your incredible journey filled with love, surprises, and endless happiness.

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