2nd Wedding Anniversary

So, you’ve completed 2 years married. It may not seem like a milestone but the first years can be the toughest. Here’s my guide to help you make the most of this important occasion…

Author: Justin AldridgePage Updated: 27 May 2024

Discover the 2nd year anniversary

Can you believe it’s been two years since you both said ‘I do’? Time really does fly, doesn’t it? They often say the first years are the hardest, but you’ve both made it look effortless. I’ve put together a simple guide to help make your 2nd wedding anniversary more special.

Traditional Gift

The traditional gift for the 2nd anniversary is cotton. Now, before you roll your eyes thinking about mundane things like bedsheets or soft furnishings, let’s think out of the box. Cotton symbolizes freshness, breathability, and the ever-evolving strength of your relationship.

How about a pair of matching bandanas for your next DIY project at home? Nothing screams team spirit quite like twin swag. 

You can step it up with workout clothes that say it all—think breathable matching tees for your partner with “Couples who sweat together, stay together”.

You can both slip on some cotton aprons for those messy yet romantic cooking sessions. Or cozy up with custom cotton pillowcases that whisper sweet nothings as you two drift off.

sea glass love birds


A wonderful handmade artwork displaying two birds in love and a heart shaped balloon, all handmade with sea glass and pebbles. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artists from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain. Personalized for you.

The perfect frame for an Anniversary or wedding gift.

Traditional Gemstone

The traditional gemstone for the 2nd year anniversary is the Garnet

Diamonds may be a girl’s BFF, but for your 2nd anniversary, the traditional gemstone is garnet. Just like the two of you, garnet is about deep connection and everlasting commitment. This vibrant red stone symbolizes eternal love, passion, and devotion. 

A stunning garnet necklace, a dainty bracelet, or a pair of stylish earrings can make your lady love swoon. For the dudes, a garnet-studded tie pin or classy cufflinks can add just the right touch of sophistication to his style.

So, we’ve talked about cozy cotton and glamorous garnets, but what about something that grows just like your relationship? Ah yes, flowers!

Traditional Flower

The traditional flower for the 2nd wedding anniversary is the Cosmos

With two years down, your marriage is probably unfolding as beautifully as a flower in bloom. For the 2nd anniversary, the traditional flower is the cosmos. Its playful pink petals and girlish charm capture the sweetness and fun you both share. 

Why not bring that symbolism home? You could go traditional with a bouquet of cosmos to brighten up your space. Or, for a twist, a chic cotton scarf featuring a cosmos pattern.

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Modern Gift

The modern 2nd wedding anniversary gift is china. Think of it as the grown-up version of getting a gold star sticker, but way more stylish and, honestly, way more useful. 

It’s about celebrating the ‘we haven’t broken the good dishes yet’ phase of marriage. And if you have, well, here’s to new beginnings with a shiny china set that’ll make your takeout look Michelin-starred. It’s delicate, sure, but it’s also a symbol of the beautiful intricacy of your two-year-strong partnership.

And let’s not overlook the unspoken promise that comes with these pristine plates – the commitment to handle your relationship with the same care and appreciation.

How Long You´ve Been Married

2 years / 24 Months / 730 Days / 17,520 Hours / 1,051,200 Minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Mars, you would have been married for 1.06 years and if you lived on Mercury 8.30 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for your Husband

Surprise your wonderful husband with thoughtful gifts to celebrate your 2nd anniversary. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to get a thumbs-up:

  • Cozy cotton pajamas – for lazy weekends sleeping in
  • His and hers coffee mugs – to fuel all your adventures
  • Game night bucket – because couples who eat together and play together, stay together!
  • Book of “IOU’s” for back massages, date nights, and breakfast in bed
  • Romantic picnic basket – filled with all your favorite snacks and bubbly
  • Personalized sea glass art – with a loving message to your partner
  • Cotton bath gown – extra soft for maximum comfort
  • Embroidered handkerchiefs – luxurious touch to your spouse’s formalwear
  • Fun novelty socks – add his face from one of those zany photos you took
  • Funny – A pair of really outrageously funny boxer shorts!!
We are better together - Sea Glass love birds framed gift


“We are better together”

A wonderful handmade framed unique design of a couple of love birds, including a sweet quote. The quote can be personalized for you. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This makes a lovely unique anniversary or special occasion gift.

Try this special wish:

“No matter what we do, I’m just excited to spend time with my best friend and fabulous husband. Here’s to laughing, dreaming, and making more incredible memories together.
I love you honey!

XOXO, Your loving wife”

Gift Ideas for your Wife

Treat your darling wife to delightful gifts that will make her feel pampered and loved on your 2nd anniversary! Here are unique ideas to fill her day with joy:

  • A couples massage – for relaxing together
  • Cooking class date night – to make her favorite meal
  • Custom poetry book – celebrating your love story
  • Personalized tote bag – stylish cotton beach bag with initials
  • Personalized photo blanket – use your own favorite photos
  • Picnic adventure – gifted in a wicker basket
  • Candlelit dinner – under the stars that you plan yourself
  • Romantic getaway – to revisit where you honeymooned
  • Heartfelt love letter – recalling your most cherished memories
  • Fun – A pair of personalized socks or underwear with an inside joke


Handmade framed design of a couple in love, all made with pebbles and genuine sea glass. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This can be pesonalized with your own message and makes for a lovely and unique anniversary or wedding gift to give to a loved one.

Try this special wish:

“My darling wife,

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since we exchanged our sacred vows and began this beautiful journey as partners for life.
I fall in love with you more each day.

Love always, Your adoring husband”

Gift Ideas for the Couple

Looking to wow that lovey-dovey couple in your life? We’ve got just the thing to make their cotton anniversary extra special!

  • Matching plush cotton robes and slippers
  • Custom mug set with their names on
  • Monogrammed soft cotton towels
  • Pet family personalized cotton throw pillow
  • Picnic basket filled with gourmet goodies
  • Tickets to a comedy show or concert
  • Couples pamper day at a luxury spa
  • Wine and paint night date at an art studio
  • Game night bucket with favorite board and card games
  • His and hers cooking aprons with a funny message on each

Fun Fact

In Bolivia, old wedding gifts like the bride’s shoes are dug up and displayed on anniversaries to remind the couple of their past happiness.

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate your 2nd year anniversary

Whether you’re crafting an at-home spa experience or soaring through the sky on a helicopter adventure, the key is to find what makes you both laugh and smile.

At home idea:

Transform your home into an oasis of love. Kick off your shoes and get your hands dirty in the kitchen together, attempting to outdo each other with your secret recipes. 

As the night winds down, throw on some cotton robes and cozy slippers, light a few candles, and enjoy an easygoing spa night at home. You can even apply face masks and take turns giving massages.

On a budget idea:

Who says you can’t have an epic anniversary without spending a ton? Create a playful photo scavenger hunt. Map out all the nearby places that hold a special spot in your hearts and visit each of them to take a selfie.

Pack a picnic with homemade treats from the local store, find an empty park bench, and enjoy the simple pleasure of good food and great company under the open sky.

An adventurous idea:

Be adventurous and enjoy a helicopter ride together

Adventure is out there, so why not chase it? Take a sunset helicopter ride over your city, and then cap it off with dinner at the hottest spot in town. Or for a twist, try indoor skydiving and share some airborne giggles without ever stepping outside. Have some fun up in the air!

A luxury idea:

Get an artist to turn a photo from your favorite moment into a painting. It’s a cool way to freeze that memory in time. After that, chill out at a spa and just enjoy some downtime together. Later, you can grab dinner at a fancy spot for a fine dining extravaganza.

Afterward, let the evening wind down with a stay at a luxurious hotel, where you can clink glasses of vintage wine and sink into the comfort of a plush king-sized bed. Some of these swanky places even have a pillow menu to order different types of pillows to sleep with – who knew?!

Fun Fact

In some folklore, straw is considered good luck for a 2nd anniversary to signify flexibility and overcoming life’s stresses together.

Common Questions about the 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 2nd wedding anniversary called?

A: The 2nd wedding anniversary is known as the Cotton Anniversary.

Q: What is the 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone?

A: The 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone is the Garnet, it is also a stone of strength and safety and a stone of prosperity and abundance.

Q: What is the 2nd wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The 2nd wedding anniversary is symbolized by the cotton and is thus known as the cotton anniversary.

Q: What is the 2nd wedding anniversary colour?

A: The colour synonymous with the 2nd wedding anniversary is Red or Linen White.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 2nd wedding anniversary?

A: The traditional gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton, and the modern gift is a china set.

Q: What is the 2nd year anniversary flower?

A: The classic flower for 2nd wedding anniversary is Cosmos, they symbolize happiness.

Did You Know?

Cotton is stronger when wet!

Cotton has been used for over 7,000 years.

Cotton is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber.

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKPaper or Cotton
Traditional Gift – USCotton
Traditional Gift – AustraliaCotton
Traditional Gift – CanadaCotton
Traditional Gift – SpainCotton
Traditional Gift – GermanyCotton
Traditional Gift – FranceLeather
Traditional Gift – ItalyCotton
Flower GiftCosmos
Gemstone GiftGarnet
Modern GiftChina

Around the World

How do couples worldwide mark their second year of marriage? Let’s explore the diverse and festive traditions.

  • Korea: As couples celebrate their second anniversary, they often choose to exchange wooden gifts. This tradition is rooted in the belief that wood symbolizes the growing strength and steady maturity of their relationship.
  • Russia: The second anniversary carries a unique tradition: couples mostly give each other garlic. This is less about flavor and more about symbolism; it’s believed that garlic has the power to fend off evil spirits and bad luck.
  • Poland: Polish couples often give each other geraniums. These flowers are a special shout-out to the solid friendship and all the good times they share in their marriage.
  • Japan: Straw is traditionally given as a gift for the second wedding anniversary in Japan to symbolize happiness and prosperity.
  • Mexico: Couples in Mexico celebrate their second anniversary with a wreath of flowers, which is a symbol of their eternal love.
  • India: The second anniversary is usually celebrated by husbands gifting their wives a cotton sari. This tradition reflects the comfortable and honest life they’ve built together.

Couples around the world choose gifts that mirror the qualities of a growing marriage: strength, trust, and love. The gifts may vary from country to country, but the message they carry is universal.

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