20th Wedding Anniversary

The china wedding anniversary is a special and romantic milestone to treasure forever. Check out my guide for some celebration and gift ideas that can impress your spouse.

Author: Justin AldridgePage Updated: 28 May 2024

Discover The 20th Year Wedding Anniversary

The china wedding anniversary marks twenty years of love, growth, and a bond that’s been fired and glazed, like fine china, through time’s furnace. As you reflect on your journey together and prepare to celebrate, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and delicacy of your relationship, going strong after all these years. Here are some gift suggestions to make your day special.

Traditional Gift

Wow, 20 years together! The traditional 20th anniversary gift is china, which represents the strong and beautiful journey of your marriage. But if standard china doesn’t quite match your fun-loving relationship, you can certainly get creative with this tradition. 

Think about personalizing a china set with a design that tells your story, or choose something unconventional like a china-based artwork or a custom-made decorative piece. This way, you can keep the spirit of the tradition alive while adding a unique touch that celebrates your two decades together.

sea glass love birds


A wonderful handmade artwork displaying two birds in love and a heart shaped balloon, all handmade with sea glass and pebbles. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artists from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain. Personalized for you.

The perfect frame for an Anniversary or wedding gift.

Traditional Gemstone

Emerald is the traditional gemstone for the 20th year anniversary

Emeralds are a traditional symbol of love. Their vibrant green color symbolizes the growth and ongoing devotion in your relationship. Long ago, emeralds were cherished by ancient Egyptians and Incas for their rich color and the promise of lasting love. These stones now honor your two decades of growing love and commitment.

Real emeralds are special because they have tiny flaws and look different from each other. They are like a marriage that has had ups and downs but is still strong. These gems shine as brightly as the sparkle in your partner’s eyes did all those years ago. They show that even after twenty years, your love is still as lively and glowing as when you first started your life together.

Traditional Flower

Aster is the traditional flower for the 20th year anniversary

Celebrate 20 years of bold love and adventure with Asters! From the moment you first met, it was clear you were meant to be. You both took a risk and decided to stick with each other through thick and thin. 

These traditional blooms capture the essence of your free-spirited romance and unbreakable connection. With their striking colors and wildflower spirit, Asters embody your fearless attitude toward love and life. Let this bouquet be a reminder of the beautiful journey you’re on together and of the many more adventures yet to come.

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Modern Gift

You have a special relationship that has stayed strong for 20 years, even though many marriages don’t last that long. For such an amazing milestone, your celebration calls for something extraordinary, like platinum. This metal is ten times rarer than gold, which makes it ideal for your rare and strong relationship.

Consider celebrating this anniversary with platinum keepsakes. Maybe a finely crafted photo frame to capture your favorite memories or a locket to hold moments close to your heart. Each piece reflects the enduring nature of your relationship, as valuable and timeless as platinum. So, Keep going, keep loving, and keep setting new standards of commitment.

How Long You´ve Been Married

20 years / 240 months / 1,044 weeks / 7,305 days / 175,320 hours / 10,519,200 minutes (more or less)

Fun Fact

If you lived on Neptune, you would have been married for 0.12 years and if you lived on Mercury 83.05 years…get your head around those figures!

Gift Ideas for your Husband

Your husband deserves nothing but the best on your 20th wedding anniversary. I’ve got a few gift ideas that will make his day.

  • Engraved platinum watch – with your anniversary date and coordinates
  • Custom-labeled small batch bourbon – raise a glass to special milestones together
  • Hoppy 20th beer of the month club – explore new brews together throughout the year
  • Personalized golf balls and tees – perfect for his favorite golf course outings
  • Laser-engraved platinum ring – with a private message
  • Race car driving experience – to satisfy his need for speed
  • “Fun To Do List” China Mug – start the day with a smile and a checklist
Cup cakes anniversary sea glasss frame


A wonderful framed unique design of a pair of cup cakes with a message that you can personalize, all made with genuine sea glass. The sea glass and is collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This makes for a lovely and unique anniversary or special occasion gift to give to your loved one.

Try this special wish:

My darling husband,

Twenty beautiful years have flown by with you by my side. Through all of life’s twists and turns, we’ve held hands and walked this journey together. Thank you for the laughter, the joy, the adventures, and especially for your loyal partnership and enduring love. I can’t wait to discover all that the next twenty years will bring for us!

I love you with all that I am, XXX

Gift Ideas for your Wife

Your wife is a rare gem, and it’s time to show her just how much you appreciate her. Here are some unique gift ideas that will make her feel loved and cherished on your 20th anniversary.

  • Emerald and gold set – confess your love with these sparkly gems
  • Platinum necklace with emerald heart – show your heart is hers forever with this piece
  • China crafted vase – to bring art and beauty into her life
  • Personalized china dish ring and jewelry holder – keep her treasures safe in style
  • China music box – gift her melodies that touch her heart
  • Sentimental scrapbook – relive your beautiful journey together
  • Cheeky china mug – try this: “After 20 years, you’re still hotter than this coffee”


Handmade framed design of a couple in love, all made with pebbles and genuine sea glass. The sea glass and pebbles are collected by the artist from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Southern Spain.

This can be pesonalized with your own message and makes for a lovely and unique anniversary or wedding gift to give to a loved one.

Try this special wish:

My dearest wife,

They say good things take time, and after twenty wonderful years with you as my wife and best friend, our marriage is the greatest proof of that. You still give me butterflies and make me the happiest man alive every single day. I can’t wait to create even more special memories together in the decades to come.

I love you today as much as I did “I do” twenty years ago, XXX

Gift Ideas for the Couple

This couple has been married for twenty years! Show them how much you care by getting them a special present. There are lots of options out there you can customize to make it even more thoughtful.

  • Commemorative 20th year anniversary china plate – cherish their milestone
  • Gourmet meal voucher – an exquisite dining experience to savor together
  • Personalized 20th anniversary photo frame – display their special memories
  • Family photoshoot – capture beautiful moments with their loved ones
  • Custom painting – featuring a memorable moment to immortalize their bond 
  • China sculpture or figure – emphasize the 20th anniversary tradition
  • Fine bone china tea set – to share intimate tea moments together

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Fun Fact

Platinum, its name is derived from the Spanish term platino, meaning “little silver.”

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Fun ways to Celebrate

Fun ways to celebrate your 20th china anniversary year

At home idea:

How about throwing a party right at your place? Serve a fun welcome drink, maybe a cocktail or a mocktail, in festive plastic ware or china tea cups. For a personal touch, decorate the place with pictures that highlight the best moments you’ve shared over the 20 years. 

Pin them up in chronological order and watch as everyone enjoys reminiscing about the good old times. You could even add captions with funny or heartwarming quotes from those moments to make it more interactive.

If the weather’s nice, take the fun outside with a classic backyard barbecue. Some string lights, a few colorful flowers on the tables, and your favorite vintage candies can really set the mood.

There’s no party without music, so put together a playlist of tunes that you’ve all loved over the past twenty years. Plan some friendly races or even a water balloon fight to keep the laughter going.

On a budget idea:

You don’t need to spend a lot to make your 20th wedding anniversary memorable! Put up pictures in your home from each year of your adventures together. You’ll have a good laugh reminiscing about old haircuts and past fashion choices.

Set the evening mood with a playlist of your favorite songs over a candlelit dinner. Afterward, take a nostalgic drive past meaningful places – where you first met, shared your first kiss, or got engaged. You can end the day on a light note with a playful awards ceremony. Give each other titles like “best smile” or “king of dad jokes.”

An adventurous idea:

bungee jumping together!

Celebrate 20 years of being together by doing something exciting like bungee jumping! Hold hands, count to three, and jump off. The adrenaline rush will be unforgettable. Follow it up with a laid-back picnic to catch your breath and celebrate.

Or, get your roller skates on and hit the rink like you both used to. Dance, laugh, and look through old photos of your time together. To wrap up the day, pen some wisdom on Post-Its for those just starting their love journey.

A luxury idea:

You can celebrate twenty years together by going back to where it all began. It could be your honeymoon destination or any other place that is close to your heart. Stay in an exquisite hotel, eat delicious food, and go for new experiences. You can also surprise each other with gifts from local artists to remember this trip when you get home. 

Another idea is to check something off your bucket list together! Book a private yacht, open some champagne, and enjoy dinner while looking at the sunset. Next, exchange platinum gifts and dance to your wedding song under the stars. You can make this moment even more special by renewing your vows.

Fun Fact

In 2021 the Kagem Emerald mine in Zambia unearthed an extraordinary gem – a 7,525 carat (1.505 kg) emerald crystal, so far the largest gem-quality emerald ever found.

Common Questions about the 20th Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 20th wedding anniversary called?

A: The 20th wedding anniversary is called the china anniversary.

Q: What is the 20th wedding anniversary gemstone called?

A: The 20th wedding anniversary gemstone is called emerald.

Q: What is the 20th wedding anniversary symbol?

A: The 20th wedding anniversary symbol is china.

Q: What is the 20th wedding anniversary color?

A: The 20th wedding anniversary colour is emerald green or white.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 20th wedding anniversary?

A: The traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary is china, and the modern gift is platinum jewelry.

Q: What is the 20th year anniversary flower?

A: The classic flower for 20th wedding anniversary celebrations is the aster.

Did You Know?

In 2010, Gene Johnson and her son, Tony, were clearing out the London house of Gene’s late sister when they found a dusty, brightly colored vase on a shelf.
Well that old dusty vase (Chinese Jiqingyouyu Reticulated Vase) ended selling for $69 million (43 million pounds)

Native inhabitants of parts of South America used Platinum for jewelry long before the arrival of Europeans.

The worlds largest ceramic vase is the Nine-Dragon Vase, and stands 6.5m tall with a maximum diameter of 2.7m and a weight of 7.8tn. Very impressive!

Traditional and Modern Gifts Around The World

Traditional Gift – UKUKChina
Traditional Gift – USUSAChina
Traditional Gift – AustraliaAustraliaChina
Traditional Gift – CanadaCanadaChina
Traditional Gift – SpainSpainPorcelain
Traditional Gift – GermanyGermanyPorcelain
Traditional Gift – FranceFrancePorcelain
Traditional Gift – ItalyItalyCrystal
Flower GiftAnniversary Flower GiftsAster
Gemstone GiftGemstone anniversary giftsEmerald
Modern GiftModern Anniversary GiftsPlatinum Jewellery

Lighthearted Wishes

Raise your glasses to this remarkable couple who reminds us that true love doesn’t have an expiration date. For 20 years, they’ve shown us what it means to build an unbreakable bond on the pillars of friendship, trust, and joy.

We wish you both 20 more years of cracked up giggles, inside jokes only the two of you understand, and finding any excuse at all to pull hilarious pranks on each other!

Here’s to 20 more years of competitive game nights followed by silly victory dances, playfully stealing French fries off the other’s plate on date nights, and laughing so hard together that beverages come out of your noses!

Wishing you 20 more rounds of forgiving each other’s goofy forgetfulness, selflessly letting the other have first shower while you hit snooze just once more, and compromising when you just can’t agree what to watch next for movie night.

Wishing you 20 more years of mercilessly stealing the spotlight on karaoke night only to have your tone-deaf other half sing love songs completely out of key in retaliation!

Wishing you two decades of “not it” when chores need doing until playful rock paper scissors determines who has to do it.

Here’s to 20 more rounds of competitive game nights followed by silly victory dances, playfully stealing French fries off the other’s plate on date nights…

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